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11 Benefits Of Senior Pet Adoption

Who doesn’t love an adorable and playful puppy or kitten? I bet your heart lights up every time you see one. But a mature dog or cat can do the same while making the parenting process much easier.


senior pet adoption

 Reasons To Consider Senior Pet Adoption


You know exactly what you are getting– When you adopt a senior dog or cat, there is no guessing how big they are going to be if they will need grooming or their exercise requirements. This information will help you with the ideal pick for your home and lifestyle.


Less training – Senior dogs and cats are much more likely to already be housebroken and have basic manners and socialization skills. This means you don’t have to hover over them for the first several months hoping to stop any accidents. This saves of your frustration and wear and tear on your home. Instead, you can spend 100% of your time enjoying your new companion.


Easier to teach – Though your dog will probably already have the basics down pat, they will benefit from further training. This helps to deepen the bond between the two of you. Older dogs have are great candidates for new training as they are less distracted and more focused. Just like human kids.


Less Damage To House and Home– Let’s face it, having a new energy force in the home can have its trying moments and added expenses. Getting an older animal lessens the chance of replacing furniture, pots, carpet, etc.


Youth ain’t all it’s cracked up to be– Mature pets provide just as much companionship and love as the younger ones do, and with fewer wounds from playful bites or youth ain't what its cracked up to bescratches. However, no matter how old your pet is, they still need and enjoy regular exercise, just like people. They are a great motivator to get you off the couch and out walking the neighborhood. Just think of the new neighbor friends the both of you will make.


Bad Luck Not Bad Behavior– Older dogs and cats end up in shelters for a number of reasons which have nothing to do with them. The most common reasons they are surrendered is the owners must move and can’t take them with them. Next reason is the guardian dies. Sometimes people must choose between a new spouse or the pet. Don’t assume the pet is damaged goods. There is a lively, loving pet hidden behind those frightened eyes.


The Best Is Yet To Come– Depending on the size of the adult dog, they can live for 12-17 years or more. Cats can live into their 20’s. There is a lot of get up and go left under those graying faces.


Give An Older Guy A Chance – Too many times older pets are passed over for the young and frisky ones. By adopting an older pet into your loving home, you are giving a second chance to a deserving pet.


Get Unconditional Love At A Discount– Because older pets are often harder to place, most shelters offer a discount on adoption fees or adopting a pet in their golden years. Why not call your local shelter or rescue group to find out?


Good Looks Has No Age Limit– Once a cute bundle of love, always a cute bundle of love. No matter the age, our beloved companions always have the ability to bring a smile to our face – cute has no time limits.


senior pets for senior citizensSenior Pets for Senior Citizens – It is proven that people who have companionship live longer happier lives. It doesn’t matter if that companionship is a person, a cat or a dog. Senior animals are the perfect company for older people. Most assisted living homes welcome a pet knowing the benefits.


Please note, each year Four to Five million dogs and cats end up in shelter systems or rescue groups of some form. Adopting is an excellent choice over purchasing from a breeder or store for so many reasons. However, the most important decision anyone can make is to please spay or neuter your pets.   

Please do not add to these sad statistics.