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15 Reasons To Adopt From A Shelter

Are you undecided about whether to buy your next pet from a breeder or adopt? Here are fifteen reasons to adopt from your local shelter or humane society.

You are not supporting cruel puppy mills

When you buy a cat or dog from a pet shop, online seller or flea market, you’re almost certainly getting a dog from a puppy mill. Puppy mills are factory-style breeding facilities that put profit above the health and happiness of their dogs or cats. Animals from puppy mills are frequently housed in very poor conditions with improper health care.  Because of this treatment, it is not uncommon for them to have behavior and health issues. The mothers of those puppies are kept in cages to be bred over and over for years, without human companionship and with little expectation of ever joining a family. When the breeding parent is no longer useful to the puppy mill owner, the animals are simply discarded. They are either killed, abandoned or given away. Not much of a life for these poor animals. Though some stores do their best to only deal with ethical breeders, the store itself may be fooled by the puppy mills deceptive tactics. Puppy mills will continue to function for the quick-buck of expensive puppies until people stop supporting them. By adopting a rescue dog, you can be assured you are not giving these cruel breeders one thin-dime.

15 reasons to adopt from a shelter

Most preowned pets are already house trained  

No baby animal is born knowing where and when it’s appropriate to go to the bathroom, they need to be taught. That takes time and can be a frustrating process, especially for a working family who can’t be there to keep a constant watch. Typically, when a new animal is brought into the shelter, the staff takes time to make them feel at home and gets to know their habits. They will most likely know if the dog or cat is housebroken or be able to answer any other concerns you may have. The staff is there to make sure the animal is well taken care of and will be looking to get the best match for the new owners as well as the animal.


The shelter pet is already spayed or neutered and probably has a microchip

Spaying and neutering is the best way to control over-population, in addition to improving a pet’s health and behaviors. However, the surgery can be expensive and can be a financial problem for many hopeful pet owners. However, the shelter is most likely working with a veterinarian that can help reduce the costs. As a bonus, the animal will most likely have been microchipped also. This will be peace of mind to you if you ever get separated from your pet. At your local shelter you will most likely find someone already recovered from surgery, and ready to share your heart and home with you.


You can find a more mature pet that you connect with

Honestly, who can resist those sweet baby eyes? Who doesn’t love the wiggly, squirmy happy-go-lucky furry ball of innocence?  But maybe that cute baby won’t quite grow up to be the ideal fit. Unfortunately, shelters are filled with pets who “didn’t work out”.  If you adopt an older animal, you have the chance to know if they are going to be a good fit for your family. You will get an opportunity to interact and maybe get a trial period.  And who knows, you may just lock eyes and make an instant soul-connection.


You feel good knowing you saved a life

No one likes to think about this part, but the ASPCA estimates that around 1.5 million dogs and cats are euthanized in shelters in the US every year. Thankfully, there are more and more no-kill shelters each year, but many still do. By choosing to adopt from a shelter, you are helping to give loving, wonderful pet a second chance at having a beautiful life. Won’t that make you feel extra good each day when you see those happy eyes smiling back at you?


Because you will get a great pet

Shelters and rescue groups are full of tail-wagging healthy pets just waiting to find their forever home. Most shelter animals ended up there because of human problems, like divorce and not because the animals did anything wrong. Many are house-trained and ready for a new life with you.


You are helping a pet who needs it

Around 6 – 7 million animals enter the shelter or rescue groups each year. Only you know what new pet is going to be a good fit for your lifestyle. But no matter what that perfect pet is, there is a great chance they are just waiting for you to walk through the door and take them home.


Animal homelessness is a serious problem

Most pets in shelters are either strays who have been found roaming the streets, animals rescued from cruel and inhumane situations, or pets who have been surrendered by their previous owners. Shelter animals are no more likely to be flawed in some way than pets obtained from breeders.  Perhaps the previous owners did not know what they were getting themselves into when they brought a particular pet home, or for some other reason, they were not able to look after their pets. Maybe they had been rescued from a hoarding situation. The local shelter will share any information they have about an individual pet’s previous life with you prior to adopting. Regardless of what specific circumstances brought them there, these sweet souls depend on people to remain healthy and live a happy life. Through no fault of their own, they have lost their homes and the humans they loved. It is heartbreaking,  but if you’re looking for an animal companion, this is an excellent way to produce a difference.


You may find two animals that are already bonded – Yay! less work for you

The longer you spend with animals, the more you learn they have individual personalities. Just like humans, some pets immediately take to one another. Some others may need time to get to know each other, or perhaps just won’t get along at all. You take your chances when you throw two pets together that do not know each other and hope they’ll magically get along. However, because many shelter animals are owner-surrendered, it’s often possible to find bonded pairs of your favorite animal type who are just looking for their forever home. As you might expect, it can be harder to get a shelter to find a home that’s ready to take on two big dogs together instead of just one. The shelter is going to be thrilled that you are interested in keeping a loving furry family together.


Shelters charge adoption fees, but it will  save you some serious cash

In addition to shelter pets already being spayed or neutered before you can bring them home, some shelters will do first-vaccinations and microchipping, or have arrangements for reduced fees from local vets. Adoption fees are a bargain when you take normal costs into consideration.  With all your savings, this leaves you more money to spoil your new best friend. 


Babies are cute – but older an older pet may be what you need

Pets you can purchase from a breeder or pet store tend to be newly weaned, but if you choose to adopt from a shelter or rescue group, you can see every kind of animal, from the very young to the very old. Based on your own lifestyle requirements, a more laid-back, an older pet may be just the kind of companion you need.


When you adopt from a shelter, you are helping more than the animal

Animal shelters constantly face the threat of overcrowding, this could be caused by natural disasters or simple chance. Local pet fostering networks jump in and help to their best abilities, but often times it is not enough. Any time that shelter intake is high and adoptions are low it creates stress, no matter how organized the shelter may be.  By adopting from a shelter, you’re not only taking that pet to a loving home, but you’re also making room for a new animal who needs your regional shelter’s aid. Most Likely You’ll find Purebreds as well as mixed breeds in need of adoption at your local rescue organization.


Do you have your set heart set on a certain breed?

No problem, with just do a little snooping on Google. In a matter of moments, you will be connected with breed-specific organizations.


Pets are good for your health and happiness

Not only do animals give you unconditional love, but they have been shown to improve one’s health and happiness. People who share their life with a pet, also tend to live longer. Caring for a pet can provide a sense of purpose and fulfillment and lessen feelings of loneliness. And when you adopt, you can also feel proud about helping an animal in need!


Who rescued who?

When you adopt, you will come to know the true meaning of unconditional love.